7 Steps to a Successful Deltek Costpoint Implementation

We understand the complexities of an ERP system and endeavor to assist our clients implement their chosen software to support their needs with minimal risk. We can help you avoid Deltek Costpoint implementation failure which can outright destroy a business. It requires careful planning and a collective effort from the organization's key players. These are our seven steps to a successful implementation:

First - Choose the ERP system that best suits the company's needs.

Second - Form a competent and well-trained implementation team. We are aligned with the 'A' list independent consultants. We will put your dream team together and you will not be dissatisfied.

Third - Design a solid implementation plan identifying objectives, assigning resources and scheduling dates. We have templates already prepared to assist you with this.

Fourth - Provide the correct level of training to your employees at the correct time. Too early and it will be forgotten. Too late and it will be rushed. If employees are not properly trained it may lead to failure.

Fifth - Conduct at least one fully integrated test. We recommend at least one complete data migration from soup to nuts. This will enable you to fully test the data and the functionality of the system.

Sixth - Schedule frequent management meetings to make sure Costpoint is meeting the intended requirements before it is too late in the process. The misunderstanding of the scope and time required for a successful implementation can lead a company to improperly plan and expect unrealistic results, which could result in failure.

Seventh - Have a "go-live" plan. Do not short sell the use of consultants the first several weeks after the system is live and operational. Many times a company will underestimate the resources needed to fully implement an ERP system. The employee's work load can increase up to 150 percent while implementing new software which can actually lower productivity and cause the Costpoint system to fail after it has gone live.

Key Beliefs

ERP implementations can be complex, expensive and if executed poorly can damage the business. As such, time should be spent up



We can facilitate your ERP implementation and guide you to streamline your business processes. Below is a list of services we offer.



Dyncorp International - Executed restructure of Costpoint 6.1 system including a three-way compound account/organization crosswalk.


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